Baby Christmas Dresses

With Christmas fast approaching, I wanted to share 3 special dresses I made over the past few years.  I’ve already posted about these with a lot of other baby dresses on the posts Heirloom baby dresses , and Blessing/Christening dresses I think these Christmas dresses deserve there own post so here they are!

update on 11/15 ~  I’m working on a few of these dresses for  My Etsy Shop I posted about them on my  Heirloom Sewing… On the Road post. 

Lucia’s Christmas dress

One of Beth’s (my big sister) best friends had a baby girl right before Christmas and this dress is what I came up with for her to give to them.

white imperial batiste and french lace.  hand embroidered red bullion roses, greenery, and a white mistletoe embroidery design that was inspired by a piece of Christmas fabric I have.

Lucia, the best present under the tree.

beautiful Lucia



Poinsettia dress

I sold this one at a boutique so I don’t have a picture of the baby.  If anyone knows the owner of this dress, please have them send me a picture!

off-white imperial batiste and french lace.  hand embroidered floral design of red poinsettias and white poinsettias with yellow centers, and green leaf/vines.  Although this embridery was intended to look like poinsettias, it doesn’t really scream “Christmas!”  and could be worn year round.


Ruby’s dress

My Aunt Melisa bought this for her granddaughter, Ruby.  I gave her a great discount on the price because she gave me the smocked dress pattern she used for her first daughter’s blessing dress. I felt so honored!

Ivory Swiss Eyelet batiste dress with attached slip and eyelet bloomers.  Hand  Smocking on center front and hand embroidered bullion rose design. 

close up of the smocking and embroidery

Julie holding baby Ruby

Jada looks stunning in the same dress her sister wore


About Missy

I'm a wife to an awesome Army vet, and mother to four daughters and three step-sons! I love to sew. I learned to sew in 4H, and from my Oma while staying with her for a week or two in the summers as a young girl. I love to bake desserts. I would love to live on lots of land and own lots of animals. I've always been drawn to nature which has lead me towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle which I'm finally trying to bring back into my life, and those precious lives around me.
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7 Responses to Baby Christmas Dresses

  1. Denise says:

    These dresses are stunning! Your work is gorgeous!!!

  2. AwtemNymf says:

    those are PRECIOUS Missy! You took my breath away! Your sewing talent….. awwww! I’m in awe!!
    Those are just precious…..
    Is all I can say….. they’re beautifulll!!!!
    Faerie Hugs!

  3. What a beautiful photo of the girls together. Your dresses are so dainty and gorgeous.

  4. Those Christening gowns are adorable!

  5. D-lyn says:

    Where do you find your fabrics?

    it seems for me I can only find nicer fabrics from online shops.

    Any favorites you have found?

  6. I have some links to fabric shops in ‘my favorite sewing links’ in my sidebar to the right.
    Enjoy browsing!

  7. Gillian says:

    These pictures are so adorable, I came across your website while looking for dresses that I can take along for the kids when we visit the German Christmas markets. Wish I could make these too. Thanks for sharing the tutorials. 😀

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