Carter Clan Ornament Swap

I’m doing 5 Christmas ornament/decoration swaps this fall.  This is the first one.


 This swap was a SECRET PARTNERS swap. I sent a handmade ornament to Maudina in Pennsylvania.

This is the angel ornament I made.  I appliqued the fabric with the angel onto the pine branch fabric and then glittered the angel’s wings and candle flames. The angel fabric is Anna Griffin’s Grace Christmas pattern #26710  and it’s a variety of vintage postcards printed onto the fabric.




In return, my  ornament came from Teresa @ cherrycheckers .  She made a tussie mussie (was used in Victorian times to hold candy or flowers or small gifts…)  which is made of black velvet, lined in gold velvet, and stitched an H (for Hollenbeck) on the front with a hand embroidery around it. To go inside, she made french beaded flowers 4 four-petaled flowers for each of my girls… and 2 five petaled flowers for my husband and I. I love it so much that I’m going to leave this up all year, pinned to my wall.


Teresa’s daughter had to get in on the fun too!  Teresa made the little initials for each of us, and her daughter did all of the glittering.




When Teresa found a box of vintage trims, she immediately thought of me and got them hoping I could put them to good use.  I am  thrilled!  I thought I was just getting an ornament and was so surprised to open a box full of things I like!


Thank you Teresa (and daughter)! I absolutely love everything I received!…I mean… WE love everything WE received!!!


Thank you Jo-Anne @ The Carter Clan for hosting this wonderful swap!


I’m going out of town to visit my sister and celebrate her birthday for a few days so I will announce the winners of My 100th Post!!! giveaway on Sunday.  You can still enter until Saturday night.  Enjoy your day!  Missy 


About Missy

I'm a wife to an awesome Army vet, and mother to four daughters and three step-sons! I love to sew. I learned to sew in 4H, and from my Oma while staying with her for a week or two in the summers as a young girl. I love to bake desserts. I would love to live on lots of land and own lots of animals. I've always been drawn to nature which has lead me towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle which I'm finally trying to bring back into my life, and those precious lives around me.
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2 Responses to Carter Clan Ornament Swap

  1. Tracy says:

    Such fun…sooo many pretty goodies! I’m starting to feel a bit more Christmas-festive now seeing everyone’s treats and what everyone’s making on blogland–LOL! Happy Weekend, Missy ((HUGS))

  2. Your ornaments, both given and received, are gorgeous!!


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