**Snowflakes and Sparkles** Christmas Swap 2008!!


My partner for this swap was Jen @ roseylittlethings.blogspot.com



I made for her a set of kitchen towels, an heirloom blanket for her baby which is due in August, a set of sparkly snowflake gift tags, and a framed picture of an angel. I also gave her a sparkly snowflake ornament, some cute stickers, a strand of  craft pearls, a vintage pink sweater clip, a chocolate bar, and some marshmallow snowflakes.

I know it seems like alot of stuff, but since I missed out on the vintage pink Christmas swap I gave the stuff to Jen.  And besides, it was the swap she was hosting so she deserved it!



I received such a great box of things back from Jen.


big beautiful crochet snowflake,  dove orni, vintage sheet music orni, sparkly star orni, 3 vintage gold ornies, vintage snowman orni, snowman pin, 3 red floral magnets, tiny Christmas tree with pearls on it, snowflake ribbon, salt & Pepper shakers, and hot cocoa mixes for my family.


Jen sent me this beautiful ornament made from vintage sheet music, vintage button, and a pink ribbon to hang it with.  I think that Jen felt bad that my Swap partner for the vintage pink Christmas swap (which she was hosting!) had to drop out at the last moment because of a family crisis, which resulted in no swap for me.  I told Jen that since I had several other swaps to finish up at that same time, then not to worry about finding me a new partner.  So you see, I did get some vintage pink Christmas after all! 


Snowflakes and Sparkles Christmas Swap

Thank you to Holly @ mommy holly for hosting this sparkly swap!


My daughter Allyson wanted to swap with Jen’s daughter and came up with the theme


where they would swap something they made, a treat, and a homemade card.

All of our kids ended up swapping with each other.  Here’s what my kids sent:

From Allyson: she made the purse that she embroidered a black dog and snow onto.  a card and candy.


From Samantha: this was the first time Samantha ever sewed anything! She made the little bag, a card, and candy canes with some peppermint tea, and m&m’s.


From Felicity: I made a bag with cars on it so little brother wouldn’t feel left out when his sisters had new purses. since he’s 2, he got some cars and candy to put inside. Felicity made the card



~~~Here’s what Jennifer’s kids sent~~~

For Sarah: a pretty notebook and huge candy cane stick


For Allyson: scarf made by “G”  (Jen’s daughter), homemade marshmallow snowflakes, huge candycane stick, and a card


For Samantha: a stuffed dog “2nd G” made,  homemade marshmallow snowflakes, huge candycane stick, and a card.  Samantha said this sucker was in her present too.


For Felicity: A pink sparkly notebook, a pink bracelet, and a huge candycane stick


All the kids did an awesome job at their swap!  



About Missy

I'm a wife to an awesome Army vet, and mother to four daughters and three step-sons! I love to sew. I learned to sew in 4H, and from my Oma while staying with her for a week or two in the summers as a young girl. I love to bake desserts. I would love to live on lots of land and own lots of animals. I've always been drawn to nature which has lead me towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle which I'm finally trying to bring back into my life, and those precious lives around me.
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3 Responses to **Snowflakes and Sparkles** Christmas Swap 2008!!

  1. mitch says:

    Wow that was quite the swap. Everything looks like it turned out very good. Me and my friends tried that this year but yours was much more impressive.

  2. AwtemNymf says:

    You totally rock Missy!
    You’re the Swap Queen!
    I love the fact that the the girls are involved with you on swaps! So neat! (——————)
    Hugs & Faerie Dust!

  3. Jen says:

    This was soo fun! The girsl really enjoyed participating, we will have to do it again when I am feeling better. I have so enjoyed getting to know you!
    XOXO J

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