October Happenings

october sky

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  I’ve been so busy trying to get used to homeschooling.   well, besides homeschooling, I have done a few things. …

Heidi is my most loyal customer, purchasing an Heirloom Blanket  from me whenever her friends and family are expecting a baby.  She’s also my cousin!  She just had her baby boy,  so of course I made a blue  Heirloom Blanket and an elephant Burp Cloth for the shower gift.   I’m sure I’ll be receiving a picture of little Kyle wrapped up in his blanket soon!


I’ve received a few more (belated) birthday tags from my yahoo doll making group.   (left to right) from Heather, Jessie, and Laura Ann.  thank-you friends!  click on pictures to enlarge them

btag from heather btag from jessie btag from laura ann

I have pictures of 2 Halloween swaps from last month that I’ll be posting this week.  I wanted to wait until October to post about them.

I made a few things for a Michaelmas  celebration we had last week… 

shooting star felted balls


and St. Michael capes (my sister made the yellow one)

Michaelmas capes

I posted about it on my homeschooling blog.

 What I’ll be working on in October…

  •  I’m finishing up 2 tag swaps,  both tag swaps are Alice in Wonderland themed.  I’ve been working on them but need to put them on hold for a couple of days because…


  • I’m making a smocked blessing gown for my niece to wear on Sunday (the 11th).  yeah, it’s in just a few days and I’m smocking it.talk about stress!)
  • and I have a Secret Witch Society’s Secret Sister Swap to send out on the 20th.


Not sure yet,  but I might be making Halloween costumes too.

Busy, busy, busy.  yep, that’s me!


About Missy

I'm a wife to an awesome Army vet, and mother to four daughters and three step-sons! I love to sew. I learned to sew in 4H, and from my Oma while staying with her for a week or two in the summers as a young girl. I love to bake desserts. I would love to live on lots of land and own lots of animals. I've always been drawn to nature which has lead me towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle which I'm finally trying to bring back into my life, and those precious lives around me.
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4 Responses to October Happenings

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hi Missy
    Sounds like you are very busy. I am sure little Kyle will love his new blanket you made him. The tags you receieved look great. Glad to hear the homeschooling is going well.
    Happy swapping.

  2. Hi Missy….Seems we are into blankets…for me …quilts…when the weather turns cool. So enjoying the cooler weather here in Texas. I’m visiting my Pink Saturday list on Wednesday as I was gone on Saturday, and am enjoying seeing everyones posts. Like yours about home schooling and your busy schedule. Your Pioneer Doll is a treasure….Sue

  3. Busy, busy, busy!!! Don’t forget to take a second for Missy!

    Love all of your stuff!

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