About Me

Hi! I’m a mother of 4 beautiful daughters.  Sarah, Allyson, Samantha, & Felicity.  (yes, I do have two red headed children).   I went through a divorce in 2010, and then found love again in 2011.  I’m now married and have 7 children! My dear husband has 3 sons which I love as much as my own daughters.

In January 2011 I started taking some college classes towards earning a business degree.

With all these girls, it’s no wonder that I love heirloom sewing.   I was introduced to heirloom sewing when Sarah was 2 years old. (wow! 17 years ago already?)  I went to San Diego to visit my sister, Beth.  She told me to “bring some fabric because I’m going to teach you how to smock!”  My first smocked project got done on that trip.

Samantha’s modeling my first smocked outfit

Beth sent me home with a new skill and a passion for heirloom sewing!  I just HAD to buy the sewing magazines she had… Sew Beautiful and Creative Needle .  It wasn’t long until I added Australian Smocking & Embroidery to my magazine list.

After a few years of sewing for my own girls, I decided to make things for friends that were having babies.  Before I knew it, I was making blessing outfits for friends that were willing to pay for them! That’s when I decided that  I wanted to make a business from my passion.

I have an Etsy SHOP where you can buy my creations directly from me!

So if you are interested in a one of a kind heirloom outfit for your little angel…or you’d like pretty doll clothes that aren’t mass produced by American girl…then please contact me and we can see what beautiful creation I can make for you.


Want to see my creations at a glance?  Visit my ***Portfolio*** !!!



text or call:  480-822-0089

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Mom says:

    Amazing! My beginnings were as a tiny, unidentifiable seed, planted in soil and nourished with the basics – water, soil and sunshine. As I sprouted, my roots spread down firmly into the earth and my stem reached towards heaven. My leaves uncurled and the observer said I was “pretty”. I kept reaching towards heaven until one day I was aware of my strength and joyfully put forth blossoms of rare beauty – unique because all who received the blossoms were blessed. This is you, Missy. Love your blog.

  2. Salsa Mama says:

    I LOVE your family picture! All the girls are smiling and looking straight ahead. A miracle in my book! 🙂

  3. heididevlin says:

    Hi Missy, What a wonderful family!!!….& all those sweet girls to sew for!!!…I’ll write you again a bit later,….off to sew for a bit!…Heidi Xo
    P.S. Just added you to my favorites!!!…I am going to get back into this “smocking”!….And am off to check out all the magazines..I have bought Sew Beautiful before & am dying to check out the others! My daughter & I are going out this afternoon, so I am checking Barnes & Noble to see if they have them! Do you have any suggestions about what might be a good beginning project for me?….let me know!…..Heidi XO

  4. ann marie says:

    Hi! New here! I was sent here by your sister, who found my blog.
    I love old-fashioned things, and your blessing dresses are ADORABLE!
    The details you put into your dresses are amazing. I will have to save your blog on file for future purchases!
    ~ Ann Marie

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