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Easy Christmas Wreath

I made this wreath a few years ago.  You can make one too.  all you need is:  a wreath about 19″  2 different ribbons (I used two 3 yard spools) lots of pretty picks.  I used 3 different styles.   … Continue reading

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Ghost Beanbag Tutorial

 Do you need a quick and easy idea for a bean bag toss?  materials:  a scrap of white  muslin 4″x12″ for each ghost rice permanent marker   fold fabric width in half and cut the folded side into a ghost shape.  only cut one edge.   sew … Continue reading

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Fairy Day Crafts

Welcome to Fairy Day!  I thought I’d kick fairy day off with a few craft tutorials fit for any fairy… Felt flowers which could also be used as fairy wands.   Mommy Blessings has two tutes.  The first is a tutu skirt that … Continue reading

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Fairy Doll Tutorial

Step 1 pick a picture to make into a doll.  (I used a picture of my great-grandmother, Isabelle “Belle” Melissa)  scan it onto your computer and print it with your inkjet printer onto computer fabric.  I used a prepackaged colorfast … Continue reading

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Pants Cuff Purse

This purse is so easy that a child could make it. Really it’s just made by cutting the cuff off of a pair of pants, sewing together the cut edge, and sewing a ribbon on for a strap…  I made this into … Continue reading

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Pixie Pouch Tutorial

Supplies: pouch fabric/lining fabric: 20″x7″ rectangle (each); circle of fabric (each) using a jar, cup, or ribbon spool for the circle template. 20″ of wide lace insertion 20″ of ribbon for strap Step 1 place fabric and lining fabric right … Continue reading

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