here’s some testimonials received from emails and thank-you cards


I saw all the pictures and they look great.  You really are so talented!
Have a great day!
Michelle 🙂

Missy, Thank you so much for the special gifts you made for the baby. Also thanks for coming to the shower it was nice to have you there   Melissa & Savannah


Hi Missy,
  I am Tamara R’s daughter.  I promise I have pictures taken of my son and his awesome heirloom blanket.  I am here in Mesa right now and will email when I get home.  I have to say that the heirloom blanket (blue) is our absolute favorite summer blanket.  It is so versitile, can use it for nursing or even on a hot summer day just to cover up (babies get chilled going into stores that have the a/c blasting!).  I have also gotten so many compliments on it.  You did such an awesome job on it.  I think your picture contest is a great idea, I really am working on it :)!  You are great!
Michelle B. 🙂

Missy,  Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket you made for Sara for her shower.  It is one of my favorite blankets, I make sure it is always in my diaper bag.  I liked the pacifier holder you made too, since she doesn’t take a pacifier I use it to attach toys to her stroller.  Thank you!  Heidi A.
Missy,  Thank you so much for the heirloom dresses. I had no idea what a wonderful talent you have!  They are absolutely beautiful and we will treasure them.  ~  Jenny
Here are the pictures of baby Lucia in her dress. Thank you so much for making it! I think it really meant a lot to Crystal .~Beth.
Wow! Those are great! You do such beautiful work. Just a little note to let you know how impressed I am with what you do.~Claudette
Thanks so much again for this dress!  We love it!~Cindy
 i haven’t taken any pics with the lavender dress and i’m afraid she has outgrown it.  In fact i think i packed it away with some things to pass on to someone else who is having a girl. they will be so lucky since you do make beautiful dresses.Brenna
Hi Missy,
    Your blankets are beautiful!
Have a wonderful day!

 I’m speechless; your work is incredible! 

Thanks for sharing. Great job. Crystal
  Looks great, love all the dresses 🙂

 Thank you for the blankets you gave the girls at my baby shower.  They are very beautiful! ~Jessi


Dear Missy-  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate your gifts for my daughter.  The dress is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait for the day to see her in it.  I haven’t forgotten my promise to you regarding that picture either.   A million thanks, Brandy


Dear Missy, …I’m so glad you are making Brigham’s blessing outfit.  It will be that much more sentimental knowing it was made by a friend.  Thanks for all you do. Love, Valerie


Missy , I just wanted to say thanks again for the dress, It was quite the hit at my shower.  We  are so excited for her arrival as well as her blessing day.  Thanks again, Geni


Thank you so much for the absolute most gorgeous blessing ensemble ever to be created!  I know you love me so much and you have made me feel so incredibly special. What a precious gift you have given me. Thank You.
Love always and forever ,
 your sister,


 Missy, …Thank you so much for the darling outfit, we can’t wait to see her in it!  You are one truly amazing and talented chick!  Sincerely, Heidi


Missy,   Thank you so much for the beautiful heirloom dress and blanket.  I cant wait to dress her in them.  We will be sure to take pictures of her in them for you!  Thank you for being such a good friend. 🙂  Alan, Cindy, and baby


 Thank you so much for the outfit and blanket you made for Haeley at the shower.  That was so thoughtful of you. I can’t wait to put it on her at the hospital.  Thank you again for making my shower so special.  Love, Miss Nikki


Dear Shawn and Missy,   Thank you for the handmade pink blanket…the blanket is so delicate and beautiful.  It was so thoughtful of you to remember us for the birth of our daughter, Alyssa.  Thank you again,  Shawn, Susan, and Alyssa T.


Missy, Thank you so much for…the blanket you made for Mason…Jessica


  It is my all time favorite summer blanket.  We go to our local pool almost every day and it is the best for nursing her in the hot sun and for keeping her shaded while she is sleeping without ever overheating her.  I love it and I think you are a genius for making them.   I use the blanket you gave me also for a sun shade over Sara’s stroller.  It’s great because it blocks out the sun but not the breeze.
Love Heidi A.


 Here’s what people said about my blog while voting on the picture contest post…

Carolyn said,  You do great work Missy!

Marsha said,  What a fun website.

Sara Taylor said,  I love all of your embroirdery work and your heirloom baby clothes.

Grandma R. said,  Missy you do super work.

Mama Lisa said,   I will remember this site the next time I need a baby gift.

Sabrina said,  Beautiful website, BTW.


Dear Missy,  Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower & especially for all the time & care you put into that awesome quilt.  It is most definitely all boy and we LOVE it!  Love, Sally

What a great website Missy! I will pass it along to friends and family. I’m sure you will be very busy.

 Hi, I just looked at your web site. Really Cute stuff!!!!!!   ~Cindy L.
















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